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In my previous post I mentioned that I  usually work in full screen mode with all the toolbars removed to maximise the amount of code I can see on the screen. To activate full screen mode I just type Shift + Alt + Enter. Note that you can also squeeze in that little extra space by disabling the scrollbars under Tools > Options > Text Editor.

Visual Studio scrollbars options

However after you’ve built your solution, tracked a file within Solution Explorer and inspected a class using the ReSharper File Structure window, you end up with a fairly ‘dirty’ screen.

Visual Studio dirty full screen

All that viewing space is now lost! One solution is to set all the windows to ‘Auto Hide’. However since I find this feature rather annoying (in most cases) I tend to pin down all my working windows and therefore I need another way to recover that viewing space. As usual a small macro can do the trick. The macro below simply closes any active tool window that is currently opened.

Public Sub CloseAllToolWindows()
	Dim items As EnvDTE.Windows = DTE.Windows
	Dim item As Window

	For Each item In items
		If item.Kind.Equals("Tool") And item.Visible Then
		End If
End Sub


Once bound to a keyboard shortcut, Alt + S in my case, I can run it and enjoy my full screen again!

Full Screen Mode

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